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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attitude from the genes?

It is amazing how the genes get transmitted & how it reflects on the views & perceptions from the mother to the children. It is true but & yet untrue!

My son was playfully asking me – “How old will my sis be when I am 7 yrs old?” This question went on almost consecutively till he was 22 years old!!

And I responded to the last question that his sister will be 20 years old when he will be 22 & that I will be an old lady @ that time!!!!!!

And phew! Both my kids got upset on the fact that I will be an old lady! Infact my daughter even said that she will not be 20 years cos I will be old by then!!!! Both of them are very averse to me getting old or looking old or even the mere fact of old age being mentioned. It is probably (in my perception) cos they don’t like their mom to look old & maybe also cos they sub consciously relate to old age & death.

Now what amazes me here is heart of heart Im also not particularly fond of old age -meaning the thought of growing old is not so welcome! Wrinkled skin, grey hair, aches n pains, diseases.....! But yes, I know there is no escape from it & have been reconciling myself to accept the fact of life. And I must admit that I have been succeeding! However, these inner feelings / thots of mine have never been discussed with anyone including my kids!

And I was indeed amazed to see this reaction from them to my growing old! Is it from the genes?

However having said that I must also say that the contrary is true! My mom has never felt this way towards old age. Infact she is happy to have grown wiser with age & experience & also believes in ageing gracefully!

So don’t ask me how I got this view on ageing!!!


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