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Friday, February 23, 2007

Copy Cats!

My kids just love to copy what me / hubby do. This post is to remind me of the same!

My 15 mth old daughter watches me w/o a blink of an eyelid when I am dressing up. She tries and imitates me thus.

1. Tho we’d just shaved her head, not only does she take my comb & comb her bald head but also wants to put my clip on her head!

2. She wants to apply cream on her head as she mistakes her head (actually her hair!!) for face!

3. She has seen me apply kajal with the kajal pencil & attempts the same by using a toothpick she found somewhere. This is damn dangerous….& thankfully I caught her on time.

4. She wants to wear my high heeled shoes & go out with my hand bag!

5. She also wants to drive my car (standing on the seat)

6. She wants to put my bindi (whenever I am wearing one). She tries to remove the same & thinking she is putting it on her forehead, keeps it on her (right) eye!

7. She loves my duppattas & scarves. When she feels like it, she wld snatch it from me in a jiffy & wear the same.

8. She even adores my jewellery! Esp the chains that she can easily remove from my neck, she insists on wearing it on her neck! And the earrings she wants to put them inside her tiny ear!

9. She attempts to remove my watch & wear the same but seldom succeeds to remove from my hand. However, if the watch is lying around loose, she tries to wear it on her hand.

10. She keeps her hand, calculator or anything that vaguely resembles a phone & keeps saying ‘alo, alo’.

These are the things my son copies us for:-

1. He wants to wear formal shirts to skool cos his dad wears them to work!
2. He imitates exactly the way his dad speaks on the phone in his imaginary conversation with his friends on his toy phone.
3. He wants to drink beer & other “drinks” cos dad drinks them. Have told him that dad is drinking medicine to cover up! Dunno how long he wld buy that!
4. He wants to explore his culinary skills by putting all the masalas (& any other ingredients) while I cook.
5. He wants to wear a belt for all his dresses cos dad wears it!
6. He loves Formula 1 & loves to see those car (& bike) races as dad is crazy about them.
7. He actually painted his nails (on the sly) when mom carelessly left behind her nail polish.
8. He almost wore mom’s lipstick! Thankfully mom came 2 the rescue right on time!
9. He wants to wear his dad’s shoes & socks! And sometimes even dad’s shirts which are way too huge on him!
10. He claims to be going for training / meetings or conferences whenever we are having one!

Friday, February 16, 2007

What's in a name?

I was on the look for a gardener to trim & clean the lawn & water the big garden (yeah, yeah....the lazy me!). I managed 2 get someone for it as a piece meal job. This was our conversation -

Me - Can do u clean & trim the lawn & water all the plants?
He - Yes ma'am
Me - Ok good. Whats ur name?
He - God knows
Me - What?
He - God knows
Me - U mean u dunno ur name
He - God knows ma'am
Me - So how do I call u?
He - God knows
Me - U mean ur name is "God knows"
He - Yes ma'am

And we all burst into laughing as how someone can have a name like God knows!

But after I settled myself I realised we even have Indian names which mean similarly...like Ram Jaane (which when translated from Hindi is God knows!)

The other funny name I found of a security guard was "Thousand". And I was thinking how can ppl have such ridiculous names! But again I realised the Indian (tamil) equivalent is "Kanairam". When translated it is even worse....it means "Thousand eyes!!!"

There are also other names like Charity, Beauty, Kiki, Angel etc...but well I think there are somewhat equivalent Indian names too! And told myself, what's in a name?!

Have u come across any such "funny" names?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Night Bird

Firstly many thanks to all your concerns regd my previous post. Yup the kids are doing better now, but I am still a bit tired & stressed....and sure....waiting for my break! ;p Have been very busy & hence havent managed to blog hop much...will catch up soon!

This post is dedicated to my 15 mth old daughter, who I think is a nite bird....and thanks to her father's strong genes for that! ;)

This happened a few nites ago, where I was waiting to sleep as it was already past 10. My son had just slept & thinking my daughter would also sleep early as she hadnt slept in the afternoon I turned off all lights waiting for her to sleep. Hubby said that he was gonna be late from work that nite. Hence not wanting to wait I decided all of us shd sleep esp as the next day was a working one.

But behold, my daughter, gets off the bed, goes around to the living room, dining room & other bedrooms all by herself in the darkness! She was even banging herself against things! So I switched on the corridor light while I was pretending to be asleep. I thot by doing so, she might follow suit! But no....she goes on strong...puts the mats on her head, comes near me & gives a big smile, tries to wake up her sleeping brother & continues to do her non-sense! Then she decides to take all of hubbies perfumes & starts to lick them up! *Yuck*

Tho I was enjoying her do all this I was getting a bit irritated too as I was sleepy & had a long day the next day. Her activities carried on for a while & thankfully hubby came after that & then the father & daughter spent time together for a while!

Then this other incident happened last nite. Hubby was trying to make her sleep & she refused to sleep as usual! She wld get on the bed & wld want to peep thru the window onto the road. So hubby wld raise his voice a bit & in an angered tone ask her to lie down. She wld do so, wait for further reaction from him & then throw her arms around him, kiss him & get up again!!!! And this cycle repeated for a around 5-6 times atleast!

She did the same to me as well...she got angry when I refused to give her my car keys & hence she pulled my hair. I screamed & immediately she pushes her lips in front & leans forward for me to show my cheek to get a peck from her! It was really so cute!

And on a separate note.....

Valentines day is round the corner. They seem to be celebrating the same in my son's skool. And he has been asked to come dressed in red or white. I am debating this to myself - is it right to be celebrating valentine's day @ this young age? When I was 4 I didnt even know such a day existed or what it meant! Ok valentines day can be celebrated with all the loved ones (including parents, siblings, friends etc) but still most of us consider only the "special" person to be a valentine. So was wondering is it right to induce such a thot into kids whilst they are so young? whats your thot?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Leave letter

I wish my leave wld be granted!!!

A tired mom....waiting for a break!

Dear Hubby

This is tell u that I wld be on leave for the next 3 days. The last few days have been extremely taxing on me esp with 2 sick kids, job pressure, house hold chores, winding up, sleepless nites etc. To top it up, there has not been much help from u. All u can think of is your work & your office. U fail to realise that you have a (sick) family & that we also need time from u.

Hence I want u to handle everything for the next 3 days as I will not be available to do so. I wanna take a break. Once you do the job atleast I hope that you will start appreciating my thankless job!

Tired wife and mom

I really wish I cld indulge & pamper myself for a nice good break! However I know it is not practical esp cos of the kids.....they need me more now cos they are down with flu. I only pray to God to gimme the strength thru this rough patch!

Friday, February 02, 2007

"Item" numbers

I have wondered about the life of the women who perform in the so called "item" numbers & are branded as "item" girls & the like. If you are still unsure of what I am referring to, you may check here and here. There are many others too....!

Well some may have been forced or compelled, some for the want of money or fame, but I guess they are still there cos they like it! They want all the lime light & would like to be branded as the "sex symbol" I only ask WHY? I mean why do they want to be branded thus?

Agreed they are a big source of entertainment & lust quenchers for many but then what sort of a life do they have? Do they ever get any respect? Are they ever looked up on? What do their families & friends ever think of them? Can the family ever feel proud of their daughters' profession? Will they ever have a decent / normal family life?

Yes they are doing it as a profession, for a living I am sure......but is it at the cost of self dignity?

There is also the other side....the %age of women these days who tend to wear skimpy clothes are on the rise, pre-marital sex is getting more common, women smokers are also increasing. But still these "item" girls are branded thus. And their talent for acting is not even considered.

Even the other actresses like Aish & Bipasha do reveal. But y the difference & why this brand to them?

In my point of view it is maybe cos Aish, Bipasha etc r branded as actress...they do more of acting (& releaving is just a part of it!). Also they dont carry that "oomph" image of themselves. They portray themselves better. And they have got a class in them.

The "item" women may become succesful in what they wanted to achieve. But do they justify this saying - "Success is measured, by what you had to forego in achieving the same."