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Friday, September 29, 2006


Can u be without talking for a few days? (apart from probably the absolutely essential ones & manage with gestures?) (I hope)

I intend doing so i.e be without talking....just in silence....just be with myself for the next few days. This is the first time I plan to venture into something like this! Will let u know how it was in the days to come.

Hence will be out of blogging action for the next few days. Will come back & catch up soon.

Meanwhile lemme know how you would cope without communication! And dont forget to wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Watch ur words

Yet another short story which was told by a knowledgeable & spiritual person.

There was a man in the village who was very helpful & a kind hearted person. One day few saints were travelling past his village & hence this man invited them over for lunch.

While he was cooking their meal in his yard, an eagle flew past with a snake clenched in its feet. Unfortunately (& coincidentally) as the eagle had a strong grip of the snake's neck, the venom of the snake fell into the cooking pot. The man cooking wasn't aware of the same. He served the food to the saints and due to the venom, they all died.

A few days later there was another saint who was travelling through this village & wanted to be feed by this kind hearted man. So he enquired from an old lady the directions for his house. The old lady exclaimed - "O Saint, y do u want to go to the house of the person who killed other saints like u?"

Now the truth as we know, is the kind hearted man didnt kill the saints. Nor did the eagle or the snake intend to kill the saints. So God was wondering who should be responsible for the death of the saints?

And then He heard the old lady accusing the kind hearted man of killing the saints. By saying so, little did she realise that she was taking the blame of the death of those saints on herself. Because there was no one in reality to be blamed for the death of the saints.

And that is why we need to watch our words & not say something which in not true. If u do not know what the truth is, might as well keep quiet rather than say something that is not right. Do not spread unnecessary rumuors. Use speech for saying good & sweet things rather than gossip or unpleasant talk.

I am also reminded of Socrates' triple filter test (when we speak / gossip about another person).
1. Is there truth in what you say about the person you are talking of?
2. Is ur talk of any use or benefit to any one?
3. Is it any good that you are saying of the other person?

If the answers to these questions are negative, there is no point in speaking further about another person. This was what was told by Socrates.

So, do u watch your words?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reel vs Real

This post is specially for s0ul :)

In my previous post Mushy Crushy most people had referred to their crushes to be the filmy heroes. So I thot I shall share my secret of who used to be my favourite film hero. Please remember I didnt have a crush on him....but thot he was just a gr8 super hero . And remember - laugh as much as u can cos I know it will be way tooooooooo funny but don't curse me!!! ;p

I used to be so damn crazy about M G Ramachandran, popularly known as MGR from about 3 years till I was 5! And I seriously used to believe that this man could actually do all the stunts / fights as in the films & had all the magical powers in real life too! Hmm how I used to take the reel life to be real!! Gosh! And to tell u how crazy I was about him.....here's what I did when I was about 3 yrs old!

I had to be operated for tonsils & so my parents wanted to take me to the hospital & when I asked them the reason I was going to the hospital, they told me that we were going to see MGR!!! And I believed them!! :D And gladly went to the hospital & eventually into the operation theatre!!!

And again I must have been around 4-5 years old & I heard that MGR was contesting for the TN elections I used to frantically pray for him to win!!! * How crazy could I have been?* I wanted to vote for him but was v.disappointed to note that I wasnt allowed to vote. I went to the polling booth & insisted to my grandparents that they should vote only for him!!!

How I used to adore his fights & other fancy things he used to do! And used to feel so thrilled when the movie finishes on a happy note with MGR emerging victorious,& successfully bashing up the villians!

Slowly but thankfully it dawned on me that this was all only in the movies and wasnt the case in the real life! *Phew! What a relief!* :)))

So have u had any such silly episodes in life, which u laff about now?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Live it up

I'll be away from blogsville for the next few days....will come back & catch up with all ur posts........till then happy blogging! :)

This post is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives & their families in the 9/11 attack & 7/11 bombings

Obviously, yesterday I did think of the unfortunate 9/11 victims & my heart was filled with gloom & sorrow. And honestly, more sorrow for the families of the victims cos they can never get to see their loved ones again as they are still alive & the life will not be the same for them anymore after loosing the loved ones.

The victims ofcourse were the innocent ones who wld've started their day as yet another regular usual day, not anticipating what is in store for them.....that their life is actually gonna last for just a few more hours?

And that is the thought that prompted me to write this post. If suddenly you know that you are going to die & that time is not with u, would you have any regrets of not having done/achieved/said something during your lifetime? On the lighter side, I just remembered one of my school mates saying that she shd never die as a virgin! LOL! I knew of two people who lost their lives v.suddenly as they had started their day as just another normal usual day of their life but unfortunately that was their last day.

I think the key to my question would be to live each day to its fullest & to think that it is going to be the last day in your life.

- Be more loving & caring to ur family & loved ones
- Spend enuff time with them
- Say good things & be more generous in compliments
- Smile, hug & kiss the loving ones
- Fulfill all ur (feasible) desires
- Minimize ur regrets
- Leave behind a pleasant impression & memorable thoughts
- Do not save that perfume for a "special" occassion.....make each day special
- Donate ur eyes & other organs if you can
- Share the secrets with the person who is supposed to know

That was what I was able to come up with. Pls feel free to add on your list.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Ten years ago -

My cousin brother who was 5 years old came to me & said, "Akka, (elder sis) u know my mridangam teachers' grand daughter is just sooooooooo cute & I love her!" And I am zapped!

Then he added, "whenever I go for my class she is sleeping & she looks so sweet!" I am still speechless.

Further he says " Her bday party is there this weekend."

Me - How old is she?
He - She is turning 2!

Me - Does ur mom know that u like her?
He - hush hush! *Closing my mouth* No! Dont tell her pls! Promise ok??!

A year ago -

My son tells me - "Amma, this girl is my class is just so cute esp when she smiles!" Hmmmm, already?! ;)

Now when did u've your first crush? And how?! And yes, which is ur most memorable & favourite one?!

As for me, my first crush was when I was in class 4. I thot a world of the school captain! Tho I have never spoken to him, I thot he was damn impressive!!! I was his secret admirer!!! *blush*

And the most memorable one is the one with my hubby, which was ofcourse more than a crush! :D

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The other day, my husband, his colleague & I were walking towards the car park after a function. My husband's colleagues' wife left earlier on as she had to rush else where. As we were walking towards the car, it so happened that I was chatting with my husband's colleague & my hubby was walking a step ahead of us.

Another lady who was getting inside her car, assumed that I was the colleagues wife, & said bye Pushpa! And I smiled & said I am not Pushpa! And she was totally embarassed.

This got me thinking as to how this lady just assumed that I was Pushpa just cos I was walking with her husband. And mind you, Pushpa looks much different from me...she is 'extra' small made & much shorter than me! How she took it for granted!

I then realised how we all take many things for granted and assume things sub consciously, albeit right or wrong. And we are so caught up in our own web that sometimes we fail to see the brighter side of things. Make a conscious effort not to drown in your own assumptions and reach out to the stars!

Friday, September 01, 2006


Most people care for & love their own people. Why is it that they cannot shower the same amount of care and love for other people too (when others face similar situations in life)?

Even the way they treat, speak & feel for their own people is different compared to others.

Why this bias I wonder?