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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The past months

I really cant believe myself that I've been out of blogging action for almost 6 months! Gosh! Missed reading all the lovely blogs....gotta catch up!

For those of u wondering y I was away for so long.....it was cos of the relocation. It has taken me some time to set things on the home front & the career front. And I just thot it was better to have a break & get back rejuvenated! :)

During this period there was so many things that I wanted to write on my blog & kept telling myself that I shall post them soon. But as usual when its the time to post I just cant recall what exactly I wanted to post!!!!

Kids are doing well.....they are now used to the life here. The older one is busy with his skool & younger is soon learning all the tricks from her brother!

Some of the highlights during this period of 6 mths

1. Enjoyed shopping things all over again for the new home!
2. Spent time with kids...taking them out whenever possible (& at the same time put up with all their tantrums...sometimes patiently....sometimes it was too much 2 handle!)
3. Learnt some yoga (tho not practising now as theres no enuff time)
4. Tried driving the car in the Chennai traffic.....but gotta get better!
5. Painted a nice name board
6. Went to most of the "Aadi sale"/ "Anniversary sale"/"yearly sale" etc of whatever interested me! :)
7. Met up with lot of, one-off characters & self-learnt few things for myself
8. Had a great time with my aunt & umpteen cousins who visited me during the period
9. Same with my friends - we caught up after many years....some close friends visited Chennai & had a super duper time!
10. Went for the much raved Sivaji movie with my son (a big fan of Rajini) - soon after it was released & enjoyed him enjoying the film, more than enjoying the film!!!!!

okie enuff abt me.....will blog hop soon & try n catch up!!!!