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Monday, January 29, 2007

Tag time!

Been a while since I did a tag! But ahoy! Artnavy wanted me to take up this one. And so here it is!

This tag is to reveal 10 things abt myself! Its kinda difficult to talk abt myself....anycase I've tried to! :)

Where do I start?

1. If I were a country - It has to be India. I never realised the value of our country till I came out! I just seem to love our culture, heritage, values & everything that is Indian from the food to jewellery to clothes!

2. If I were a form of food - I would be curd / yoghurt...flexible & goes with almost all sort of food, cool & the favourite for many! ;)

3. If I were a part of our body - I would be the heart! Heart is one of the vital organs & also cos thats where is the love. Like many I tend to think from the heart!

4. If I were a form of Entertainment - I would be a mixture of dance, music, humuor & bit of fashion & art!

5. If I were an animal - I wldn't be one....the pure vegetarian that I am!!! ;)

6. If I were a colour - I wld be all of them! I just love colours....esp all the vibrant & lively ones like bright red, fiery orange, vivacious blue etc.

7. If I were a vehicle - I would be an aeroplane cos I believe I can fly.

8. If I were a flower - I would be a rose. Pretty, full of love & has thorns to guard itself!

9. If I were a Drink - I would be water. Needed by all, quenching & can't be w/o it!

10. If I were a sweet - I will just be me!!! LOL! Okie jokes apart, I love all kinda sweets.....from cakes/puddings to mysore pak/rasamalai....well anything thats sweet & tasty!

I actually managed this, eh?!

I am not tagging anyone in particular.....whoever wants to do this can take it up! :)

Monday, January 22, 2007


Normally to make my son's appetite a bit better, I divert his attn onto something else so that he doesnt realise that he is eating (the pathetic eater that he is!) Usually I make my own stories abt his friends or other things that interest him.

However the other day, for a change, he created his own story & told me the following during his dinner time! The story doesnt quite make sense but I liked the way he tried to say so & it was just so spontaneous & very expressive too! Read on if u like the made up babble!

Once upon a time, there was a man who lived in the forest. This man had big and strong muscles. The lion came to fight with this man but as this man was so very strong, he fought with the lion very well. The lion was very hungry and weak but it was stronger than the tiger. The lion boxed the tiger & the tiger fell down. Then the lion jumped on the polar bear & it went inside the water. In the forest there were elephants, rhinos, hippos, cheetahs, leopard, monkeys, giraffes etc & they all wanted to eat more food to become more strong.

Then this man wanted to do his shopping & he drove his car & came to X(my son's favourite shopping mall). He bought himself a big quad bike, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, beans etc. He also bought skating shoes, toys and paints.

And then comes his dad & oopsy there ends the story in the excitement of seeing his dad!

Maybe some of you have heard this already....I think it is quite true...."If you have a child, you are a parent, if you have two, you are a referee!!!" My kids live upto this!

My one year old loves to bite her older brother & also hit him! Knowing very well that my son can't bite her (not atleast when I am around!), he says this to me abt his little sis - "Amma, I think she ought to have a small little baby brother who is also gonna bite her & beat her nicely"!

I said " I am not gonna have any more babies...the two of you are more than enuff." He says "No I want u to have....otherwise I'll put a big injection in your tummy and a baby brother is gonna be born...just to bite her"!!!!! *How simple eh?! And mean too?! ;-)*

Friday, January 12, 2007

Behavioural changes

I have been thinking on y this is so? Suggestions welcome! :)

There was this newly wed girl who came here to join her hubby. I liked her as I found her bubbly & enthusiastic. We used to meet up once in a while & have a nice chat. Once she even self invited herself & her hubby for lunch @ my place. We were ofcourse not the best of pals but then whenever we met up, it was good n lively.

Then suddenly (for no reason....according to me) she kind of stopped speaking to me ie a very cold hello or a half smile & no talk, whenever we met. (@ some social gatherings, parties or during shopping etc.) I didnt find a need y she had to behave thus. But me being me, reciprocated the same to her henceforth.

It was going on thus & I heard she was pregnant. I thot I wld wish her whenever I bump into her. But unfortunately she had a mis-carriage. I felt very sad for her but again never got an opportunity to meet her.

A few days later there was a big party @ a common friends place where both of us were invited. And suddenly there she starts to speak to me as if nothing is wrong....like how she used to talk to me originally. I was amused @ these behavioural changes.

This time too I reciprocated her behaviour tho I wasnt keen. I think I did so more out of compassion cos I felt sorry for her cos of her miscarriage.

Anyway - what made me blog abt this sort of human behaviour changes?

There used to be an Indian Banker in one of the Indian banks here. He was kind of dumb, unfriendly & very unhelpful to other fellow Indians. Most people found it difficult to deal with him including me. It was even worse cos his predecessor was just the opposite. He even used to go out of his way to help others.

Most people had learned to put up with this person & with no much choice accepted him too!

Unfortunately on new years day, we got this horrible news that this man, his wife & his daughter died in a very tragic road accident. It was just so so shocking! I was also v.sad & felt sorry for him. Now upon hearing this horrible news all people overcome with grief & sorrow started saying all good things about the dead man.

Why are we thus? Should we say nice things only when something tragic / unpleasant happens? When a person is gone forever? While a person is alive we hardly ever appreciate......Why is the human attitude thus?????

Friday, January 05, 2007

To blog or not?

Wanting to put up a new post
But not sure on what

Too many things to blog about
Dunno which one to choose

Too many thots
But too few words

Too many ?s to ask
Seeking many suggestions

But alas nothing fruitful to blog about
And hence this post for my blog!