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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Loos & shopping

I've been into my usual shopping spree but not yet into my full flow! The reason being, my daughter is not v.co-operative & hence I'm unable to do much. She clings onto me & refuses to go to anyone else. And wants me with her all the time! Whilst I enjoy that I'm also restricted @ the same time. She's not keeping too well (fever, cold cough....) & hence I need to take her along wherever I go! And so shopping is not so pleasureful! :s

Coming to the topic, I noticed something. There r so many good shops & malls all over Chennai. Some even tastefully done...gr8 clothes, superb accessories, smart shoes etc etc but then the loos r still the same....dirty, smelly & messy! In one of the big shops, there were even some 3 lady cleaners in the toilets...but all they were doing was having a good time amidst themselves!

As soon as we landed @ the Chennai airport, my son wanted to use the loo & when I took him, the first thing he said was...yuck, this is so smelly!!!

I wonder y is that we lack the basic cleanliness even in these big places which r frequented by the educated class? Y cant they be kept more clean? Sometimes ppl use the toilet but dont even flush? Isnt it the basic step to do so?!

Wishing there were cleaner & smell free toilets.........!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Highlights so far

After a long & tiresome flight, reached home. The flight seemed forever! Phew!

My home town Chennai seems the same but yet changed! Increased cost of living, many new joints, new eatouts, horrible traffic, yummier food, trendier outfits.....etc etc.

I enjoyed shopping tremendously & I even picked up a tiff @ one of the (fairly big) shopping centres with a very very rude salesman. I was quite shocked with his audacity to tell me that he shall not open the dresses for us to choose & decide & his laid back attitude. Hence gave him a piece of my mind & also complained against him & reminded him that he is in the service industry. Anycase looking forward to do more shopping @ the other places. Shopping tips welcome! :)

Hosted a small party for close friends & family & hence got 2 meet up with everyone.

Also went to Tirupathi & had a good darshan.

Despite the pollution, humid weather, long traffic jams, clogged drains, stagnant water, etc. it's good 2 be back @ home, home sweet home! :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Time out

Do u guys ever feel the need to have some time alone for urselves amidst you busy schedules? Somehow for me it is rather essential atleast once in a while. Normally I tend to switch myself off @ the gym, or while driving or when I go for a walk or when Im having a quick bite etc. whereby my body does the needful but my mind is far far away in my own "dream"(?) land! Does it happen with u as well? Or is it just me?! This happens more so when the mind needs to ponder about something but even if there isnt anything, it just tends to float away to that land!

BTW guys this post is really for telling u all that this is time out for me from blogsville cos I'll be away for few days as I am going 2 India. However I shall surely be blog hopping & posting as well whenever time permits. Till then take care & enjoy! :)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Wrong notion

If u sit till late hours in the office you are considered very hard working and the boss is impressed.

I know not all bosses are thus, but since mine is, what can be done abt it?! Ofcourse he is also impressed by good work etc but he always thinks that if ppl sit till late in the office, they r extremely hard working! I've also tried hinting subtely abt it, but he is strong on his hold esp considering that he is of the old school of thought!

Suggestions welcome to enlighten him! ;)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Clear Desk

How effective do you think is the clear desk policy?

Needless to say that it is indeed a pleasure to work on a clear desk with no unnecessary files / papers etc. But is it really practical?

Almost every other day tho I clear my work table / room, they get piled by various files from my 5 assistants & other unexpected clients! Moreso now, cos Im gonna be away for some time. Im rather sick n tired of clearing the unending series of work! Phew!

Also since our office is supposed to adhere to the clear desk policy in the cubicles, all my assts dump their current working files in my office which results in my office looking more like a filing room! *Sigh*.

The worst is, this is the starting point of files beginning to miss. This in turn leads to wastage of time spent in searching of these missing files. And when it is fruitless it is even more frustrating!

I wish I have some creative alternate solution to the clear desk policy! Do u?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Helping hands

1. When I went shopping this weekend, just as I got out of my car, there was a shopping trolley parked in the next bay. The car park was rather full & I saw a car wanting to pull into that bay. So I moved the trolley away, allowing him to park. He came & parked happily, without even thanking me or even acknowledging the same. Ofcourse not that I've done anything great but I thot one has to be a bit courteous atleast. I see them inside the shop too & not even a smile & he just looks thru me as if it were my duty to move that trolley! Needless to say he was an Indian!

2. Went for a 2 hr aerobathon which was quite tiresome. At the end of the class one boy requested me to drop him home as he was just too tired to walk. Feeling sad, I agreed & dropped him. Few hours later I needed to go out & I get into my car only to find a horrible horrible stink.....it was the stink of his sweat! Yuck! Yuck! Tho I used air freshners & perfumes, & kept my car windows & sunroof open, the yucky smell lasted me for almost a week.

3. I know that my office messenger is a greedy guy. I used to think that well, he is not so well to do, so thats why he tries to earn extra bucks by making some exhorbitant travel claims. Hence we normally use him only for delivering documents etc that are very important & urgent. Once there was something very very urgent to be submitted to the tax department due to a deadline & told him to do so. He does so & claims 25 bucks for the same! He came to me for approval & I was totally zapped cos the building is next door! I told him this is ridiculous cos he wld've walked it across. Anycase I got my boss to approve the same & he did it cos he is a local who is not so well to do. After a few days I hear from other local staff members that this guy actually does money lending business (with high interest rates) in his own personal capacity & we used to think that he is actually not so well to do!!!